Event Name Date & Time
Mon  08/26/2019  (All Day)
Tue  08/27/2019  (All Day)
Wed  08/28/2019  (All Day)
Thu  08/29/2019  (All Day)
Mon  09/02/2019  (All Day)
Mon  09/02/2019  (All Day)
Tue  09/03/2019  (All Day)
Wed  09/04/2019  (All Day)
Thu  09/05/2019  (All Day)
Mon  09/09/2019  (All Day)
Silver Day Tue  09/10/2019  (All Day)
Blue Day Wed  09/11/2019  (All Day)
Silver Day Thu  09/12/2019  (All Day)
VA: New Works Reception Thu  09/12/2019  6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Blue Day Mon  09/16/2019  (All Day)
Silver Day Tue  09/17/2019  (All Day)
Blue Day Wed  09/18/2019  (All Day)
Silver Day Thu  09/19/2019  (All Day)
Blue Day Mon  09/23/2019  (All Day)
Silver Day Tue  09/24/2019  (All Day)
Blue Day Wed  09/25/2019  (All Day)
Silver Day Thu  09/26/2019  (All Day)
Cue Day #1 Fri  09/27/2019  (All Day)
End of First Six Weeks Fri  09/27/2019  (All Day)
Blue Day Mon  09/30/2019  (All Day)
Second Six Weeks Mon  09/30/2019  (All Day)
Silver Day Tue  10/01/2019  (All Day)
Blue Day Wed  10/02/2019  (All Day)
Silver Day Thu  10/03/2019  (All Day)
VA: Foundations Reception Thu  10/03/2019  6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Blue Day Mon  10/07/2019  (All Day)
Silver Day Tue  10/08/2019  (All Day)
Blue Day Wed  10/09/2019  (All Day)
Silver Day Thu  10/10/2019  (All Day)
Professional Development Fri  10/11/2019  (All Day)
Columbus Day Mon  10/14/2019  (All Day)
Blue Day Mon  10/14/2019  (All Day)
Silver Day Tue  10/15/2019  (All Day)
Blue Day Wed  10/16/2019  (All Day)
Silver Day Thu  10/17/2019  (All Day)
Secondary Fair Day Fri  10/18/2019  (All Day)
Blue Day Mon  10/21/2019  (All Day)
Silver Day Tue  10/22/2019  (All Day)
Blue Day Wed  10/23/2019  (All Day)
Silver Day Thu  10/24/2019  (All Day)
VA: Sylvia Licon Middle School Art Show Reception Thu  10/24/2019  6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Blue Day Mon  10/28/2019  (All Day)
Silver Day Tue  10/29/2019  (All Day)
Blue Day Wed  10/30/2019  (All Day)
Halloween Thu  10/31/2019  (All Day)
Silver Day Thu  10/31/2019  (All Day)
CUE Day #2 Fri  11/01/2019  (All Day)
End of Second Six Weeks Fri  11/01/2019  (All Day)
Daylight Saving Time Ends Sun  11/03/2019  (All Day)
3rd Six Weeks Mon  11/04/2019  (All Day)
Blue Day Mon  11/04/2019  (All Day)
Silver Day Tue  11/05/2019  (All Day)
Blue Day Wed  11/06/2019  (All Day)
Silver Day Thu  11/07/2019  (All Day)
Veteran's Day Mon  11/11/2019  (All Day)
Blue Day Mon  11/11/2019  (All Day)
Silver Day Tue  11/12/2019  (All Day)
Blue Day Wed  11/13/2019  (All Day)
Silver Day Thu  11/14/2019  (All Day)
Blue Day Mon  11/18/2019  (All Day)
Silver Day Tue  11/19/2019  (All Day)
Blue Day Wed  11/20/2019  (All Day)
Silver Day Thu  11/21/2019  (All Day)
VA: Senior Showcase Reception Thu  11/21/2019  6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Thanksgiving Break Mon  11/25/2019  (All Day)  to
Fri  11/29/2019  (All Day)
Silver Day Tue  11/26/2019  (All Day)
Thanksgiving Thu  11/28/2019  (All Day)
Silver Day Thu  11/28/2019  (All Day)
Blue Day Mon  12/02/2019  (All Day)
Silver Day Tue  12/03/2019  (All Day)
Blue Day Wed  12/04/2019  (All Day)
Silver Day Thu  12/05/2019  (All Day)
VA: National Art Honor Society Reception Thu  12/05/2019  6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Blue Day Mon  12/09/2019  (All Day)
Silver Day Tue  12/10/2019  (All Day)
Blue Day Wed  12/11/2019  (All Day)
Silver Day Thu  12/12/2019  (All Day)
Blue Day Mon  12/16/2019  (All Day)
Silver Day Tue  12/17/2019  (All Day)
Blue Day Wed  12/18/2019  (All Day)
End of 1st Semester Thu  12/19/2019  (All Day)
Teacher Work Day Fri  12/20/2019  (All Day)
Winter Break Mon  12/23/2019  (All Day)  to
Fri  01/03/2020  (All Day)
Christmas Day Wed  12/25/2019  (All Day)
New Year's Day Wed  01/01/2020  (All Day)
Professional Development Mon  01/06/2020  (All Day)
Second Semester Begins Tue  01/07/2020  (All Day)
VA: Senior Show #1 Reception Thu  01/16/2020  6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Martin Luther King Day Mon  01/20/2020  (All Day)
Student/Staff Holiday Mon  01/20/2020  (All Day)
VA: Senior Show #2 Reception Thu  02/13/2020  6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Valentine's Day Fri  02/14/2020  (All Day)
Professional Development Fri  02/14/2020  (All Day)
President's Day Mon  02/17/2020  (All Day)
Student/Staff Holiday Mon  02/17/2020  (All Day)